Frame Guarantees

All of our frames are original and authentic. We DO NOT sell fake or refurbished frames.

We offer a 30-day warranty for all of our frames.
In case your ordered frame is no longer available, we will try our best to replace your frames under warranty with another frames that is the same price in the same category which are close to the color, style and size.

In general, damage to frames caused by a defect in the manufacturing process is covered under our warranty, while damage caused by the wearer is not covered.
Some typical defects in manufacturing process: defective hinges, stripped screws, discoloring etc.
Some typical damages caused by the wearer: damage by heat, accident, rough handling
Please note that products covered under warranty can only be replaced or repaired, not refunded.

Lens Guarantees

We offer a 30-day warranty for lenses.
We guarantee the accuracy of your lenses. If your prescription lenses are not 100% accurate, contact us within 30 days of receiving your items and we will replace the lenses free of charge

What type of lenses, materials and add-ons we offer?

Type of lenses
Single vision lenses
Progressive lenses
Bifocal lenses
Reader lenses

Type of materials

Plastic CR-39 Index 1.49 or 1.56
Polycarbonate 30% thinner than Plastic CR-39
Ultra Thin High Index 1.67
Thinnest High Index 1.74

Type of add-ons

Basic Coating UV Protection
Scratch Coating
Premium AR UV Protection
Scratch Coating
8 coating layers, extra durability and premium quality
Deluxe AR UV Protection
Scratch Coating
11 coating layers, extra durability and superior quality
Smudge and oil repellent, keeping lens clean
Blue light block
Light Reactive or Sunglasses option

How to request guarantees
Step 1: Send us a guarantee request at Contact us page
Fill in all items in the Contact us page, then click submit.

We will help to check if your case is in our guarantee policy or not.
If yes, we will send you a confirmation email, with a $50 bill of warranty service, shipping and handling fee. Pay your bill and continue to step 2.
The processing time may takes from 1 to 3 working days.

Step 2: Repackage your item
The following item(s) must be present in order for the guarantee to be processed:
Printed page from that included in the delivered package

Step 3: Write your Order Number on the outside of the package.
You can find the order number on the Printed page from that included in the delivered package.

Step 4: Send it our way!

Galactic Glasses
1315 Fresa Rd.
Pasadena, TX 77502
United States of America

IMPORTANT: When you return your item, we strongly recommend that you use FedEx or UPS.

The guarantee processing time may takes 10 to 21 working days after we receive the package.